Safer Cliffs

Who are Safer Cliffs?


Safer Cliffs is a loose affiliation of climbers throughout Australia that put time into maintaining the integrity of the cliff infrastructure. The Queensland group (SCQ) are essentially structure-less with the exception of a bank account, and a restricted website that maintains a registry of work done. Qurank provides a portal to SCQ, and a forum where concerns with respect to fixed hardware can be raised.

Report any concerns regarding fixed hardware here –

The organisation is entirely dependent on donations for support. The funds are used only for the maintenance of existing routes. New routers fund their projects themselves.

It’s great not to have to lower-off on dodgy gear – show your appreciation by donating –


Are they part of ACAQ?


Whilst ACAQ has a very keen interest in the maintenance of the Queensland climbing infrastructure, and wishes to promote SCQ, we believe the future interests of the climbing community are best served by maintaining SCQ as an informal group of concerned and experienced individuals that go out and do what they see as needing doing. Climbers should be responsible for their own, and their companions safety, and to date, SCQ has been an effective way of encouraging people to take ownership of such.