Queensland State Government Documents

Rock climbing on QWPS managed areas The new (July12) Operational Policy from NPRSR which was drafted with input from ACAQ
Queensland Civil Liability Act This act came into force in 2003. It brought some changes, in particular, liability exclusions for those engaged in dangerous recreational activities. See here for commentary.
Land Act 1994 Where local councils manage state land tenured as a reserve for recreation, they do so as trustees under the Land Act. This is the overarching legislation that determines how they are to manage the land under their trusteeship.
Land Regulation 2009 This is subsidiary legislation of the executive, and fills in the details of how the executive intends to administer the Land Act.
Secondary Use of Trust Land PUX/901/209 This document is an operating policy generated by the state apparatus to guide the uniform application of Land Regulations across the State.