Kangaroo Point cliffs maintenance project

30th May 2024
By Petros Khalesirad
Brisbane City Council will be undertaking cliff maintenance works at the Kangaroo Point cliffs in 2024 as part of our ongoing cliff maintenance program.


Brisbane City Council (BCC) has recently advised the ACAQ of its planned cliff maintenance project. The works involve another round of cliff stabilisation scheduled to commence in June 2024. 


"The Kangaroo Point cliffs are a popular community space for residents, tourists, and rock climbers, and it is important that we ensure these open spaces are safe and accessible for all.

Like any cliff face, these cliffs are continuously changing through human and natural influences, including weather and vegetation growth. This requires maintenance works to manage the risk of rockfall as the cliff continues to evolve. 

As part of our regular monitoring and maintenance of the Kangaroo Point cliff face, we have identified several areas of cliff that need to be remediated. 

Works will be tailored to the cliff face to reduce the risk of rockfall and improve community safety.

These cliff works are expected to start in June 2024 and take up to 2 months to complete, weather and site conditions permitting."

Source: Brisbane City Council

For more information, contact BCC directly or email the ACAQ Policy Officer [policy.qld@climb.org.au].

View the location of the shotcrete locations using the "for more information" link below.

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Website: Brisbane City Council - Kangaroo Point cliffs maintenance project
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