Kangaroo Point top rope bolting

10th May 2024
By Petros Khalesirad


ACAQ has been in consultation and negotiations with Brisbane City Council (BCC) for several months regarding climber installed u bolts  in and at the base of the wall, used for top rope anchors at Kangaroo Point. Note that this issues does not impact lead climbing bolts or anchors on the wall itself.

BCC have a report recommending that they be removed due to safety concerns. BCC had raised the issue with ACAQ and also wrote to University Clubs and commercial operators stating that the top U bolts should not be used. This has had a material impact on University clubs (affiliate members of ACAQ) which are no longer able to utilise these for top rope set ups due to insurance issues.


Initially BCC were considering installing some additional bollards but these would be limited  in number due to budget issues  ACAQ raised alternative testing that is available under relevant Australian Standards or alternatively suggested the BCC (or if necessary ACAQ)  could install engineer certified U bolts rather than bollards at a much lower cost.


BCC have now advised that they have engaged engineering design and will install and maintain new u bolts to supplement existing bollards for top roping at Kangaroo Point. BCC have advised that they will remove the existing climber installed bolts. However they have advised that they will install a large number of U Bolts and have funds to do so.  ACAQ has consulted with the University Clubs amongst others to confirm priority locations for the installation of the additional U bolts by Council.  ACAQ will continue to work with Council and seek to ensure that there is no significant delay in the installation of BCC managed bolts.


ACAQ will keep the community informed as the changes are implemented by BCC.

Hayden Bentley 
Policy Officer


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