ACAQ Statement on Bolting in National Parks, and potential prosecution

23rd April 2024
By ACAQ Policy Officer

QPWS have contacted ACAQ regarding recent social media posts relating to rebolting fixed anchors or bolts in National Parks. A full statement from ACAQ is attached.

In summary, QPWS considers that bolting contravenes section 62 of the Nature Conservation Act, and they intend to enforce that provision. QPWS advise this applies to rebolting as well as establishing new routes.

In addition, ACAQ is also aware of a member being formally investigated by the Department of Environment for potential prosecution based on a social media post which allegedly suggested that the owner of the account installed anchors in a National Park.

Whilst we note the above may be distressing news to many of our members, ACAQ have been in ongoing discussions with QPWS regarding similar issues for some time and are writing to QPWS seeking official written confirmation of the above position.

ACAQ are working on behalf of the climbing community to create a workable policy regarding bolting in National Parks, which is more urgent than ever given the current stance and its impact on safety.

Further information on ACAQ's position and action is in this Statement

Hayden Bentley
Policy Officer

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