Welcome to the ACAQ blog.

Dave Reeve

I have chosen a blog format as repository for much of our website content, in the hope that this less formal layout will make it easier to add new articles as the inspiration takes hold, and to include a range of opinion from authors other than myself.

Formal documents, as such, are to be found under the “Documents” in the main menu.

At this stage, I am not accepting comments on posts, but will reference new articles on Qurank so that discussion can take place there. My reasons for this are two fold – a) I already spend enough time as moderator on Qurank, and I’m not feeling like doing double duty, and b) I think we are more likely to get robust discussion on Qurank than here. As our tagline says, this is where we do the boring stuff so climbers can climb.

However, I am happy to receive email comments at [email protected]

Update: The ACAQ Facebook Group is the place to go if you wish to discuss anything to do with access. It has largely displaced Qurank in this role.